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SJD Launches Breakfast Program

IMG_6074[1]Today SJD launched their breakfast program. Over the years SJD has been providing healthy snacks at nutritional breaks. IMG_6071[1]Today we have officially started our Breakfast Program. This program will run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Over Christmas we renovated a space in one of our lunch rooms to allow us to serve hot breakfasts. Special Thanks to Mrs. Chandor-Hall for taking a lead role in organizing the menu and schedule for the volunteers to cook breakfast. This morning students were enjoying pancakes and strawberriesIMG_6072[1]. Every week a menu will be posted outside the lunch room so students can see what is being served. Thanks to the fantastic support from The Student Nutrition Program and Algoma Public Health we are able to make sure that every student gets a healthy start to their day.

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