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2017 Remembrance Day Poster and Literacy Awards

Congratulations to all the SJD students that took part in the Remembrance Day Poster and Literacy contest. This year SJD was well represented in the prizes!IMG_6113[1]

Makai Manttari took first place in the Local┬áJunior category for his coloured poster. Makai’s poster was advanced to the next level of the competition and he received a third place in the District level. Zoe Boudreau was awarded first place in the Local Intermediate division and Lucas Morris received 2nd place for his efforts. Zoe’s poster also received 1st place at the District level and is currently entered into the provincial level. Way to go Zoe!

In the Black and White poster category, Nola Mulroney received 1st place in the Local Junior division and 3rd in the District Level. Lyllie Grasley and Emma Pilon came 2nd and 3rd, respectively in the Local division. In the Intermediate Level, Ellie McKenzie received 1st place at Local Level, with Kendra Roy and Alana McKenzie getting 2nd and 3rd respectfully, at Local Level.

Poetry and Essay writing were also contests and SJD represented well here as well. For Poetry at the Junior Local Level, Harlie MacLachlon, Marek Chambers and Kyston Stevens received 1st, 2nd and 3rd, respectively at the Local Level. At the Local Intermediate Level, Alana McKenzie and James Steward received 1st and 2nd, respectively. In the Essay contest, Brooke Davidson earned a 1st place finish. While Trinity Rowland-Smith and Annika Morrision placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. Brooke Davidson also received a 1st place finish for her essay at the District Level and her essay is currently being judged at the Provincial Level. Way to go Brooke!

Congratulations to all the SJD students!


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