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Education Week at SJD – Celebrating The Arts

Last week the students of SJD were busy exploring their artistic talents. Back in October, the grade 8 students applied for, and received, a SpeakUp Grant. SpeakUp grants are provided by the Ministry of Education for funding Student Voice Initiatives. This grant provided the opportunity for the students of SJD to bring an artist for a week to their school and work with all the students. Ms.Taimi Poldmaa from Berkana Art Sudios in Sault Ste. Marie (Berkana Art Studio ) was our visiting artist and helped out students create amazing pieces of art that centered around the theme of Northern Landscapes.

The JK/SK’s and the Grade 1-2 students worked on painting fields of flowers.

IMG_4339 IMG_4337




The Grade 3-4’s used pastels and glue to create their incredible landscapes. IMG_4271Things got a bit messy but the end results were incredible.IMG_4346

Grade 5-6 students were focused on sunsets and produced an amazing array of them.IMG_6343IMG_6344



The Grade 6-7 class focus was Ted Harrison inspired northern landscape painting and the students really captured the north in their creations.IMG_4317 The grade 8 students worked on value landscapes paintings (moving from light to dark). They too created an a amazing array of beautiful landscapes.IMG_4277

At the end of the week the SJD Library was transformed into a beautiful Northern Landscape Art Gallery and parents were provided the opportunity to come an view all of the student work.IMG_4347 IMG_4349

A huge thank you to the Grade 8 students and Mrs. Mackenzie and Ms. Portis for all their efforts in bringing this opportunity to SJD and allowing our students to shine. Also, from all the students and staff at SJD, a huge thank you to Taimi Poldmaa from Berkana Art Studios for the passion and inspiration that she brought to all of our students for the arts.


“SJD is The Place To Be”


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