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About Sir James Dunn

SJD Mission

Our Sir James Dunn school community promotes life-long learning, values and student success – academically, socially, emotionally and physically – while celebrating the potential of each student.

ADSB Values, Vision and Mission


We value learning and the learner. We are dedicated to providing a public education system that is open and accessible to all. Through Character Education, we work to meet the needs of all learners within an environment of respect, integrity, sensitivity and fairness.

We believe that all students can learn, given sufficient time and support. We believe it is our role to uphold the highest standard of achievement with positive learning experiences that encourage students to:

  • develop and realize their full potential; intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually
  • think and solve problems creatively
  • develop proficiency in literacy and numeracy skills
  • become life-long learners
  • communicate effectively
  • develop teamwork and collaborative skills
  • value themselves and others with respect and dignity
  • develop the qualities of compassion, tolerance and social responsibility
  • appreciate and respect the multicultural diversity of Canada
  • understand the rapid changes of the world and how to successfully adapt to them
  • be proficient with the use of modern technologies
  • successfully and independently direct their own lives

Our schools will provide a welcoming environment where the focus is the well-being of each student. In preparation for the future, students will be encouraged to reach their potential through quality programs delivered by highly trained, caring staff in an atmosphere of respect for individual needs of each learner. To enhance learning experiences, we will work collaboratively with our community partners to ensure effective use of all available resources.


The Algoma District School Board exists to provide positive learning opportunities of the highest standard for all learners to realize their full potential.

Reaching To The Future