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Grade 4/5 News
Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

Mathematics – Our unit in Mathematics involves adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing is winding down and the students will be tested on Thursday. We are working on a practice booklet.
The Grade 4’s must be able to use paper and pencil to add two 4-digit numbers and to subtract a number from a 4-digit number. They also practiced multiplication and division facts to
9 x 9 = 81. Many have even mastered the steps to divide numbers like 84 – 5 =
The Grade 5’s explored strategies for adding a subtracting whole numbers. The students estimated and calculated the product of two-digit numbers and the quotient of four-digit numbers divided by one-digit numbers. You may want to visit mathK8.nelson.com and follow the links to Nelson Mathematics 4 or 5, for suggestions to help your child learn mathematics.

Language Arts – The students have been working on about two to three pages of Phonics each week. Phonics helps with reading and spelling.
We are starting a Book Club. It will take about 2 weeks to complete. The book club is on environmental issues. Each student will be given a non-fiction text to read. The sessions will be divided into about a half an hour each day. During this time, the students can read alone or with a partner (who has the same book). After each session, the students will be asked a comprehension question about the material read. At the end of our book club, the students will be making a brochure about their environmental issue.
Our Read Aloud this time is called “Fish in a Tree.” It is about a girl who is different than her classmates and sometimes acts out. A new teacher comes into her life and things change. So far, we are quite enjoying the book.

Physical Education – We are working on our track and field skills.

Science – We are having an energy crisis in our country and the Grade 4/5 students are about to embark on a persuasive writing piece on how to convince us and future generations that we need to start using more renewable resources. Many students have completed this assignment and are in the middle of presentations to the class.

Social Studies – We are now studying Ancient Egypt.

Proud to Be in Grade 4/5!

Christina Portis