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Grade 7-8

Welcome to Grade 7-8

A few important dates to remember:
1. Toronto trip is from June 19th to June 23.
2. Graduation is on Wednesday, June 28th, at 7:00 p.m. Students are expected by 6:45 p.m.
3. I am currently looking for baby photos of the Grade 8’s for the graduation slide show.
4. Baseball tournament is on June 16th.
5. Mrs. Bernath is sending home a letter about Toronto trip payment (Wednesday, April 19th). Please sign and return the paper to school to verify your intentions for the Toronto trip- any payment inquiries can be directed to either Mrs. Lamon (705-856-2517) or Mrs. Bernath at the high school.
6. A graduation dinner is being organized by Mrs. Fellinger, and she would appreciate confirmation of attendance and payment by June 10th. A note was sent home last week, and if you need, extras are available at the office.


We have started the year by looking at our learning styles (Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic). We are further learning about ourselves by discovering the Multiple Intelligence’s. Everyone has ways they learn best and we all have different strengths and weaknesses. Knowing our strengths will up us to choose activities and projects that best demonstrate our new knowledge. We are now working on learning about self-regulation skills and how they can help us be our best learner. In health, we are learning about our brain and how we think! We are using this knowledge to help us during times of stress. We are practicing breathing techniques to help us handle stressors better!
In Language, we are learning about summarizing to improve our skills as a reader. We are also learning about text patterns to help us determine where to find the author’s main idea and message. We are using paragraph structure to help us find and understand the author’s message. We are using a ‘hamburger’ visual aid to help us write ‘juicy’ and satisfying paragraphs. We have been practicing writing paragraphs by using graphic organizers to help us create topic sentences, three supporting fact sentences, and then a concluding sentence. We are putting our paragraph experience to work in geography by writing persuasive paragraphs about mining, farming, forestry, and fishing! We are finished reading Silverwing and are currently working on finishing up our book reports. They are due on Friday, May 12th, 2017.
In math we are reviewing and learning about volume and surface area. Grade 8’s are exploring cylinders, while grade 7’s are learning about rectangular and triangular- based prisms.
In Science, we are now exploring life systems. We have learned about microbes and their importance in a food chain and food web. We have also talked about producers, consumers (both primary and secondary), scavengers, and decomposers. We are currently learning about respiration, the release of energy!
In geography, we are reading about renewable, non-renewable, and flow resources. We will be learning about sustainability and how humans interact with their environments. We are exploring the primary industries (mining, fishing, forestry, and agriculture (farming) and learning about secondary and tertiary industries related to them as well. The ‘Multiplier Effect’ is also something we’ve been exploring.
In history, we are moving on to learn about the life and people in British North America from 1800 to the 1850’s; the events that move our ancestors towards Confederation. We have studied the War of 1812, the Rebellions of Upper and Lower Canada, and are now exploring life in Upper Canada.
In gym, we are now playing baseball. We will also be playing lacrosse before the end of the year!

Class Schedule

Will be posted shortly.