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Grade 8

Welcome to Grade 7-8

A few important dates to remember:
1. Thank you to the parents who were able to make the Progress Report Card night last night.
2. Picture re-takes are on Friday, November 17th.
3. Any tests that go home, I would like to be signed and returned to a school collection of work that will become our very own portfolios.


We have started the year by looking at our learning styles (Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic). We are further learning about ourselves by discovering the Multiple Intelligences. Everyone has ways they learn best and we all have different strengths and weaknesses. Knowing our strengths will help us to choose activities and projects that best demonstrate our new knowledge.

In Language, we are learning about biographies and figurative language, such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, and metaphors! We have now also read about Anne Frank. We are learning about how to make connections to what we read to help us to better understand a story. We are using text to text, text to self, and text to world connections. We have practiced this skill with our Nelson Literacy story and also with our read aloud. We are now working on writing an essay; we’re putting our paragraph practice to use!

In math we are now moving onto 2-D Geometry! We have reviewed the area and perimeter of squares and parallelograms and are now exploring circles!

In Science, we are just starting to explore the strand of life systems: cells. We have been learning to use the microscopes and practice finding cells on sample slides. It’s taken some practice, but most of us can now focus on the lowest power and see what different cells look like. We have read about our science design challenges that we will be working on as we move through our unit on cells: Ask which one your child is thinking about doing! We have completed our first lab looking at onion cells through a microscope. It was a lot of fun. We have moved on to explore plant and animal cells through pictures of an electron microscope and have discovered organelles! We are becoming experts in what they do and what they all look like! Our first science test is on Wednesday, October 11th.

In gym, we are playing ‘Captain’ and ‘Everybody’s It’ as warm-up activities and have been participating in a pre-soccer game called ‘Wallball” Weather permitting we will be outside on the field playing a version of soccer I have called ‘Two-ball’. We will soon be moving on to volleyball skills and fun games. In health, we are learning about how our brain works when we are stressed. We have also explored macro and micro nutrients in our food choices. We are learning how they are needed by the body and where we can find the best sources!

Class Schedule

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